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Four new Kaplan turbines for hydro power plants in the Czech Republic and Slovakia Republic 

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Our company has been awarded prestigious contract for supply of 2 units Vertical Kaplan turbine for renowned investor to Hydro power plant Lobkovice, Czech Republic since mid 2015. The two Kaplan turbines each of installed power output 1 150 kW are being completed prior to commissioning in October 2016.

A new contract for another two horizontal straight-flow Kaplan turbines each of power output 710 kW for hydro power plant Podturen, Slovakia Republic has been awarder in the second quarter of 2016. Besides the two Kaplan turbines our company shall supply Hydro-mechanical Equipment such as Gates and Stoplogs, 2 Weir Flaps each of the length 15 m and height 3,8 m, Trash Racks, Trash-raking Machines and Auxiliary equipment. Installation and commissioning shall take place in second half of 2017 year.