Strojírny Brno company contribution to water management project 2016 prize-award

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Our company has been prize-awarded for complete Electro-Mechanical Technology supply of SHEPP Nýrsko, Czech Republic reconstruction project.

The core of project was optimization of hydrological potential of existing power plant equipped with low-efficient Banki turbines since 1995-6 by replacement with two vertical Francis turbines. The new power generating technology ensured upgrading of power output from 320 kW to 432 kW.
The part of this project was also replacement of existing Howel-Bunger valves DN600 PN6 for the new ones of Strojirny Brno unique design. SHEPP Nýrsko is now unattended power plant also thanks to new control system and electrical part.

Besides this particular event our company had been also awarded in 2012 (SHPP Železný Brod) and in 2010 (SHPP Miřejovice) as supplier of power generating equipment.

Complete Overhaul of unique hydro power plant Želina

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The small hydro power plant Želina built on Ohře river has been commissioned since1908 year and these days is being listed as technical heritage of the Czech Republic. Generating technology is still oparated by ČEZ.


Scope of Želina power plant works is complete overhaul and modernization of two Francis turbine units, installation of new intake trash racks, up-grading of trash raking machines and gates.


Technical parameters of Francis turbines:

Twin-runner diameter: 1050 mm

Installed power output: 2 x 345 kW

Rated speed: 130 rpm

Generator rated speed: 757 rpm


The new contracts in Sweden

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Our company awarded four new contracts in Sweden with 2017-18 year manufacture and commissioning schedule: HPP Turinge, HPP Ostana, HPP Frotuna and HPP Alanda. The four projects with Kaplan turbines represent installed power output of 13 MW.


Strojirny Brno company has been active on hydro power market in Sweden since 2004 year and up to date has successfully supplied and commissioned 14 power plants for renowned customers such as E.On, Statkraft, Vattenfall, Uniper and even for smaller private companies. We pay our utmost attention and efforts to all  of them and always apply latest turbine innovations and inventions to our products in order to provide our esteemed clients with high-efficient technical solutions corresponding among others to the latest EU environment and safety standards.

Swedish hydro power market leads our company to fulfil strict requirements on quality and accuracy of our turbine technology and motivates us to becoming successful maker of innovative standards.


Energy Smart 2016 Manila, Philipines

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Our company is proud to participate renewable energy exhibition and conference Energy Smart 2016 taking place within the dates 31 August – 2 September 2016 at SMX Convention Center of Manila, Philippines. We would be pleased to welcome our customers as well as new potential investors to hydro power in South-East Asia region interested in our advanced and competitive turbines.

  • PLTA Pakkat 21MW
  • Penstock DN 3500-3000, Power House

Hydro power plant PLTA Pakkat (21 MW), Sumatra, Indonesia

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Strojirny Brno company has successfully commissioned three units with horizontal Francis turbines each of maximum output 7000 kW for renowned private investor in North Sumatra, Indonesia during period of March – May 2016. Said Francis turbines are the largest water turbines with highest power output ever supplied to a distant Indonesia from Czech Republic and/or Czechoslovakia respectively. Based on both–sides satisfying cooperation our company signed new contract with said respectful investor to supply 4 MW Francis turbine including auxiliary equipment for his new project in Sumatra, Indonesia in April 2016.